Lalla Essaydi at the Tindouf Gallery Marrakech.

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Lalla Essaydi Les Femmes du Maroc

Lalla Essaydi’s exhibition “Les Femmes du Maroc” is a collection of unique portraits of Moroccan women and can be seen at the prestigious Tindorff Gallery here in Marrakech. Lalla Essaydi was born in Marrakech, lived as a young woman in Saudi Arabia. She studied her art in Paris and Boston and lives now in New York.

Les Femmes du Maroc Lalla Essaydi, Marrakech

Lalla Essaydis photographic portraits capture a truly feminine spirituality, solitude and purity. Her subjects are always dressed in ghost like white (White being the colour worn by Moroccan women whilst in mourning.) she photographs these women in relaxed poses reminiscent of a bye gone era, similar to the 18th century orientalist artists who were fascinated with exposing the veiled women of the Harem. Lalla Essaydis work continues to expose the mystery to the western mind that surrounds the rituals of Muslim women in the present day.

Les Femmes du Maroc Lalla Essaydi, Marrakech

She adds to each portrait a calligraphic message, Poetical statements are written across the photographs in beautiful sepia toned henna, across the faces and bodies of the women, blending into each niche of the background and into every fold of the fabric in their simple garments. Changing her portraits from breathless simplicity to high drama.  Her work like the women she photographs is dressed in many layers.

Les Femmes du Maroc Lalla Essaydi, Marrakech

 Her unusual technique is to photograph, hand write the calligraphy, and re photo, re write, re photo, until perfect.

You will find the Tindouf Gallery at

22, Boulevard Mohamed VI, Marrakech.

+212 (0) 524 430 908

For more information contact

Tree Sculpture Marrakech……..

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Some mysterious tree art has arrived close to my house in Marrakech. Everyday the children and I have watched as the old Jacaranda trees (that have been in full bloom all over the city) being turned into tree art, on the main avenue close to our house. Its been an exciting time for the children as they have watched everyday the progress excitedly as the creators of this project have turned several trees into living sculptures.

Marrakech Tree Art

Marrakech Tree Sclupture

Marrakech Tree Sculpture


We are still waiting to find out who did this, I’m sure it will announced soon but if someone knows maybe they could leave a comment and let me know.

Congratulations Tree Artists, you did a Fantastic Job.

You can see for yourself at

The Route de Targa, which is north of the roundabout at the very top of Ave Mohamed 5th

Splash Morocco

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Splash Morocco white water rafting,Marrakech Ourika

New to Morocco and only in Marrakech Splash White Water Rafting, based in Perthshire, Scotland, have recently opened an office and operation based out of Marrakech and known as Splash Morocco. Their flagship product, white water rafting, is presently underway on the Ourika River in the High Atlas and will soon be followed by canyoning and river bugging, two products that have proven successful for Splash in Scotland. These water based products will also operate in the Ourika Valley and will be followed by land based adventures over the next 12 months which will include sphereing, abseiling and paintball.

 Splash Morocco, white water rafting,marrakech,ourika

Rafting on the Ourika River will offer participants an exciting and fun filled ride due to the continuous nature of this alpine style river. The back-to-back class 3 rapids are interspersed with a handful of class 4 rapids as well as the occasional and somewhat rare quiet section. Be sure to take a good look at the scenery before you get on the river! The minimum age is 16 and rafters are required to have a reasonable level of fitness and the ability to swim. All the necessary equipment is supplied.

Splash Morocco,White Water Rafting, Marrakech ourika

Splash will start their canyoning adventures before the end of May. Canyoning involves participants entering tight gorges clad in wetsuits, life jackets and helmets where they will abseil through waterfalls, jump off high cliffs and slip down natural water slides. Again the minimum age is 16 and participants are required to have a reasonable level of fitness and the ability to swim. All equipment is supplied.

 Splash Morocco4

Half day rafting or canyoning is €60 per person with pick-ups in Marrakech at either 08H30 or 12H00. Full day trips are also available. One which includes a camel ride, visit to a Berber house and lunch as well as the half day raft or canyon trip for €90pp, the other includes a guided hike to the Cascades d’Ourika, lunch and the rafting or canyoning, also for €90pp. Pick up time in Marrakech for both of these trips is 08H30.


Splash Morocco can be found  at or by telephone at either +212 (0) 659 346 703 or +212 (0) 524 384 643. Their UK based operation can be found at

Kaftan Queen

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WTCC Marrakech Grand Prix.

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Heres just a few pics from the wwtc Grand Prix event that was held here in Marrakech this weekend……….We had a lovely time in the thankfully shadey Gold Lodge with the lovely caters Rahal who kept us going through out the day with food and drinks……….Many thanks toMohammed Zahid.

WTCC Marakech Grand Prix

WTCC Marrakech Grand Prix

WTCC Marrakech Grand Prix

WTCC Marrakech Grand Prix

WTCC Marakech Grand Prix

WTCC Marrakech Grand Prix

The competitors will be moving on to Pau in France which will start on 16th of May. You can watch the updates on Eurosport.

The Grand Prix will be held in Marrakech  every year for the next 3 years.

For more info on this event contact

Essaouira Medina Life…….

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Essaouira Medina

Essaouira has the most charming Medina,  easy to navigate . Not only steeped in ancient history, but still holding on to that hippie vibe that Marrakech is slowly losing……… 

Essaouira Medina

 As you wander the weather worn streets of the Medina the bright Moroccan sun bounces of the cracked white washed walls and the chipped weather worn blue paint flakes from of the windows and doors. Giving the buildings that shabby chic look. To your left and right are mysterious alleyways.The children play in the streets and leave their doors ajar showing flashes of the brightly coloured Moorish  tiles……….

Essaouira Medina

After a good explore, the sea air always makes me hungry and ready for Lunch time. Across the main square towards the fishing port  is Essaourias version of the Marrakech D’Jemal Fna giant outdoor barbecue, the only difference is this is held in the daytime.  Heaps of  fresh fish  from the morning catch are on display for you to chose from, so fresh that sometimes they can be spotted tying to slowly saunter of the counter and back to the sea…….. 

Fish Restaurants Essaouira Medina

Just chose your selection, pay by the kilo or gram and your all set  for a slap up fishy lunch, served with chips and salad.

Fish Restaurants Essaouira Medina 

After lunch take a wander down to the port……past the  juicy oranges

orange juice Essaouira

and the sea shell sellers

Sea Shells Essaouira Medina

And watch the Fisherman, fold away their nets, beside their boats that co ordinate beautifully as they are painted the same vivid blue as the doors and windows of the Essaouira houses.

Essaouira Medina

For a 10dhs fee you can climb the stairs that take you up onto the ramparts of the old portugese fort that, along with seagulls stands guard over the entrance to the harbour.

Essaouira Medina

Ahh Medina life in Essaouira …………………….

You can visit Essaouira easily from Marrakech, you can catch the bus from the CTM bus station around the corner from the Marrakech train station and be there for a Fish Lunch and back again in the sameday.