The Calligraphers of Marrakech


In my last post I mentioned I had bought several paintings from the Matisse gallery and had them shipped back to my home in London. The two artist that I adore and have bought several of their pieces are Noureddine Chater and Noureddine Diafellah who not only share the same first name but also are both excellent calligraphers, who have taken the ancient Arab art form to a new and interesting level.


The first Noureddine, (Chater) paints using oils that give his work more texture, he often uses one letter of the Arabic alphabet this theme is often given great depth by the above medium. Surrounded by other abstract symboles his work makes you feel that this is calligraphy for the 21st century, my personal favorite of his is the Moroccan star. (the first picture)


The second Noureddine, (Diafellah)is far more traditional,  His work, executed using local pigments like henna browns, saffron yellows and hues natural to Morocco, he often uses two styles in the same piece of work large painted letters mixed with small ink written words the layout is what makes his work elegant using long slim sheets of paper that are often split into three different sections but continuing the same theme.

Another of the great calligrapers here in Marrakech is Larbi Cherkaoui who I have yet to purchase from. He is a very talanted artist and his work has that crazy way outside the boundries feel that I love in something that is normally so precise I did meet him at his expo at the Blanc et Noir Gallery when he showed there, I think I am going to reserve some space for him when I eventually find my home here.

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