Turkish Delights Here In Marrakech


I have just found a very interesting new company here in Marrakech. They are called Turquie Maroc Dèveloppement and are importing fabric from Turkey. Mr and Mrs Dalkir originate from Turkey, Mr Dalkir grew up here in Marrakech and has brought the lovely Mrs Dalkhir and all his gorgeous fabrics back home to Marrakech.

The fabrics they have imported work beautifully alongside all of the traditional Moroccan furnishing’s. Morocco has some amazing woven fabrics but much simpler in their design. The Turkish fabrics that they have choosen are all based around Ottoman designs and are far more opulent, the use of pattern and colour is much bolder.


The Dalkhir’s have imported a combination of silk upholstery fabric and hand woven 100% linens plain and embroiderd, gold and silver which they have made some fabulous cushions with.


They also have an extraordinary velvet silk type fabric which has been gently burnt with acid. This is a Turkish tradition and the finished effect is as if the fabric has been engraved with beautiful patterns, when held up to the light it is transparent in some places. It would look great over a light or as a wall hanging. They have decided to use it for shawls.
Another range they have imported is a line of fabrics that have been made fire retardant at source so the chemicals are woven into each strand not just sprayed on which is perfect for the big hotels and riads so that they can comply with  safety requirements. 


This is an example of the printed linen wall hanging’s.



~ by marrakechxanthepat on March 11, 2008.

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