Marrakech’s Homemade Rainbow of Fabrics


Since I have been posting about fabric this week I thought I should show some of the home made Moroccan fabrics. You can find this beautiful rainbow of coloured fabric just about every where in Morocco, its called Sabre, and it comes in many weights and qualities. 

I decided to go to someone who actually produces instead of just the  vendors. So I went to see Mustapha Nait Mbarekat at Art Ouarzazate, who I had already worked with on a previous project. The beauty of working with Mustapha is that you can order the colours that work exactly with your own particular colour scheme. Instead of spending hours in the souk searching through the thousands of colour and stripe combinations. Everything here is made by hand and to measure and with natural fibres.


This fabric is used in endless ways  as seat covers, cushions, bed covers, curtains, bags, babouches, book covers but my favorite is the scarves.


~ by marrakechxanthepat on March 13, 2008.

One Response to “Marrakech’s Homemade Rainbow of Fabrics”

  1. Xanthe, You are living my dream! What a feast of colour and what a gorgeous blog this is!

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