Marrakech Akkal Ceramics


Today I went to see Charlotte at Akkal. They do a range of fantastic ceramics in amazing colour ranges.


Marrakech medina is full of ceramics you have many different types of finishes. The traditional high sheen glazed Moroccan version is called Safi pottery. Its the really richly coloured  navy blue, emerald green and ruby red. As beautiful as it is there is a major draw back in using this pottery, these beautiful pigments that are just so vivid sometimes contain lead so they are highly unsuitable to use for anything other than decoration, unless they come from a reliable source. They are produced in the Safi region on the coast of Morocco between Essaouria and El Jedida  about 200km from here.




 So Akkal have created  contemporary and tradtional range’s of shapes in lead free glazes, (all except the metalized glaze) which are completely safe for you to eat from. They have a beautiful array of colours displayed in their showroom, along with some very design led shapes playing on Moroccan themes.




Akkal produce everything here in morocco, so it is possible to commission anything that your heart desires. so if you don’t see it in the showroom it doesn’t mean that the talented Akkal can’t make it for you.




~ by marrakechxanthepat on March 14, 2008.

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