How To Spend A Sunday Afternoon In Marrakech


The sun was shining, so we decided to leave town this afternoon, we drove for about 40Min’s out on the Rte to Ourika, as we drove the scent of orange blossom en-golfed us, (some one needs to invent a smell widget) so we decided to turn off the road literally at the foot of the breath taking Atlas mountains and look for the Jardin Bio- aromatique, a beautifully manicured herb garden, open for visitors.


We were a little early and many of the herb beds had not yet realised that spring was here, but it was still a great experience, the garden is a menagerie of different herb’s and flowers which are fed with pure mountain water that comes straight down from the towering atlas above.



The garden is a business, owned by a company called Nectaromewho use all of these herbs to make a range of very special essential oils and bath products which are sold to the public and hotels. Only the very best Hotels and Riad’s in Marrakech use these oil’s in their spa’s and Hamams. I first discovered them in the spa at Amanjena.


You can watch as the ladies use these ancient methods to grind the dried herbs into a powder, 


you can visit the distillary and at the end of a long walk around the garden’s you can have a relaxing  foot massage.


Or maybe drink some of their special tea infusions


In their traditional Berber tents.


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~ by marrakechxanthepat on March 16, 2008.

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