Yahya, Are You The Genie Of Moroccan Lanterns?



 Yahya whose marrakech boutique has made him the undisputed King of Moroccan Lanterns. Yahya ,who doesn’t like to give interviews in general, has allowed me to feature his work on my blog.



Yahya is an exceptional designer who has taken the art of Moroccan metal working to new and dizzy heights. Everything at Yahya’s is hand made, in bronze or nickel silver.Many people believe that it is made by machines because the work is so precise and delicate, but no,everything is actually sawn by hand with tiny jeweller saws. He works with only the most skilled artisans from all over Morocco to help him execute his amazing designs.



Yahya’s beautiful boutique in Gueliz, Marrakech has such a calm vibe and people come from all over the world to visit him to buy and view his exceptional creations.




He produces everything in his factory on the outskirts of town which is normally strictly out of bounds. Here, he creates his amazing lighting pieces that can be up to 4 meters high and wide.

He uses subtle L.E.D lighting in most of his pieces, (he’s not fond of light bulbs) which give a more even light and enables Yahya to light tricky places in his designs.There are also great ecological benefits.

Finished to an almost perfect standard, nothing leaves the factory without being tried and tested.



He has now had to become selective about his clients and their projects, as he is so inundated with commissions that he can only work on the very best projects.Only the most luxurious riads and hotels can afford his work.

Yahya who is originally from London and is part English,German,Irish and  Moroccan traveled extensively around the world before he chose to settle in Marrakech.This influence shows in some of the shapes that he uses.Combining them with the skills of  the Moroccan artisans he designs collections that are universally loved.

    Yahya has now opened an interior design company due to popular demand, and is taking projects from the architectural planning stages right through to the finishing of the client’s home, but again Yahya has a queue of people who want him to over see their projects.


~ by marrakechxanthepat on March 19, 2008.

4 Responses to “Yahya, Are You The Genie Of Moroccan Lanterns?”

  1. I am enchanted by your blog. In my search for Yahya and his beautiful lamps, I have discovered a world of colour and design, history and culture all so tastefully presented. Sadly, I was overwhelmed on my first trip to Marrakech of mediocre stuff. We thought we bought carefully but when it all arrived we realized it was very badly made. I am learning….Next trip I will certainly consult your blog. But how do we buy from Yahya?

  2. Dear Gigi,
    Thankyou for your kind comments about my blog,
    you can contact Yahya at
    Its best to address any mails to Rachid.
    If you have any problems email me
    Thanks again for visting my blog!

  3. Wow, his work is amazing!! I love your blog, it has so much great info.
    I have recently seen an incredible chandelier made of brass eggs, ostrich eggs and wooden eggs hanging on chains of different lengths. It looks incredible, but noone can tell me where it is from. I cant find any on the net either, so I wondered if you knew where they were from as im convinced they are Moroccan. I have a photo, but not sure how to send on this!
    Any help would be gretfully recieved! 😉

  4. Hi Clare
    Thanks for visiting my site
    Why dont you send the photo to my email address
    and I will have a look at it for you.
    Will be happy to help.

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