Riad Art Expo, Marrakech.


Today it was announced in the Moroccan press that Yahya who featured in my blog yesterday will be a judge at this year’s Riad Art Expo in the Palais des Congres, Marrakech running from the 26th-30th of March.

Riad Art Expo is a yearly event here in Marrakech and it is an exposition of Moroccan Lifestyle, and interior design associated companies in Morocco. Companies come from Casablanca,Tangier, Rabat and Marrakech to display their products. The expo is associated with the interiors magazine Coulers de Marrakech, run by the charismatic Youssef Mouyhi.

The expo organisers run a programme of events for the exhibitors and the public which over the five day event include speeches by the Minister of Artisanat, several  really fun parties in different locations all over the city and a gala televised prize giving evening, where the exhibitors are given a chance to win a trophy for the best stand. Other trophies are awarded for design, work in tourism, renovation of historic buildings (that’s the riad part)  and handy crafts (artisanat).

Yahya has already had the honour of being awarded a trophy, 2 year’s ago he was awarded  the best designer trophy by  Pierre Bergé and Farid Belkhaia,  who were judges that year. So this year it will be interesting to see how events pan out.


~ by marrakechxanthepat on March 20, 2008.

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