What’s Cooking at Riad Farnatchi, Marrakech.


For a great experiance in Marrakech you must try Riad Farnatchi, this is the perfect place for English speakers to stay as it is owned by the British professional hotelier Jonathan Wixs.

Jonathan has restored this 400 year old building beautifully the look is a mix of tradtional Marrakech, but totally sophisticated and understated. I  stayed in one of the 5 suites which had a cosy sitting room, our own courtyard, comfortable bedroom and a huge bathroom.


The riad has it’s own restaurant, hamam and massage we tested them all on our stay, the services and staff where worthy of it’s reputation as a 5 star boutique hotel . I particularly liked Jonathan’s guide book which was not only very witty, but also very informative and gives his guests plenty of great options for their stay here in Marrakech.The riad is nestled in the heart of the medina in the Fassii souk, not to far from the main square, Djema Fna


The word Farnatchi is Arabic for oven and in every neighborhood in the Medina there is a public steam bath ( Hamam).


These baths have massive wood and sawdust furnaces to heat the water, they are manned 24 hours a day. The clever Marakchis use the heat generated as a huge communal oven and bake bread and cook……..


This famous Moroccan dish Tanjia, in the cinder’s of the huge furnace, it’s prepared at home placed in these earthen ware jars and bought to the oven early in the morning and left there for the day. This dish usually consists of lamb and vegetables. You can order this at most Moroccan restaurants.


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