Yoga in Marrakech.


This is the story of my private yoga teacher here in Marrakech, Aisha also works at Kasbah Tamadot but she likes to  give classes in yoga for men, women, and kid’s at a very reasonable price, so that she can encourage people in the local Moroccan community. She is also in the process of creating a healing retreat here and will soon have her own blog where she will be sharing her knowledge of yoga and all the associated practices.

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 Aicha Says : I came to Marrakech in 2005 after living in the states for almost 14 years. Born in Christchurch, New Zealand, I was looking for somewhere different to raise my family and ideally create a healing retreat center for like minded, souls. My first encounter with body work was through my Japanese Shiastu teacher Ohashi in New York City. I then went on to train and become certified in Reflexology, and Swedish Massage. In California I trained at Esalen Institue in Big Sur where I learned Esalen Massage,, a very relaxing massage technique incorporating long strokes over wide areas of the body and deep tissue work known as Chronic Release, It is very deep and slow massage on the fascia and connective tissue layers of the body. My first yoga teacher was Larry Schultz at Its Yoga in San Francisco, an Ashtanga based studio that blends a very physical, dynamic practice with traditional methods of teaching. He brought a lot of humour and discipline to his practice and teaching which attracted me to that form of practice and that studio. Since then, many teachers along the way continue to inspire and support my own practice and teaching, to name a few, Sharon and David from Jivamukti yoga in NYC. Shiva Rea from Los Angeles, David Swenson from the Ashtanga School, and Gabrielle Roth of the five rhythms to name a few. I now teach around five classes of power vinyasa yoga a week in marrakech to woman and men of all ages, cultures and nationalities,,the classes are ongoing, can be picked up and joined at any time, all multi-level with awareness on breath, cardio, flexibility, stamina training , pranayama and meditation. My training as a bodyworker professional has enhanced my own yoga practice and my teaching. I think more and more people are seeking, looking for health, healing, increased energy levels, joy, strength, clarity of mind and stress reduction in their lives, the beauty of the yoga I teach, is that it addresses all these factors and more. It naturally becomes a way of life and living.

~ by marrakechxanthepat on March 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Yoga in Marrakech.”

  1. As Morocco isnt that far away I thought you might like to become aware of a natural living yoga festival happening on 31st August in the grounds of the beautiful Lanhydrock, near bodmin, cornwall UK.

  2. great article, can’t wait for some yoga classes in marrakesh! thank you.

  3. Alex and I were taken to one of Aishas classes this week.for someone who is new to this experience all we can say is thank you what a wonderful and exhilarating experience.Hope we can join you again in the not too distant future.

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