I Think I Need To Go To Raid Re-Hab

images55.jpgOk so here we are in sunny old Marrakech, about to start our adventure into the unknown, we have decided to stay in a rather opulent hotel while we find our feet and get the children used to being in Morocco, of course this isn’t our first trip here and the children already adore Morocco.We need to rent a property and have spent countless hours debating whether we go riad in the medina or villa on the edge of town; having come from a large city I am not sure that I can do the countryside quite yet so I am opting for the medina. I have on past visits, drooled over magazine articles on these wonderfully restored old riads where the outside space is in the centre of your home and all the rooms face inwards onto a central courtyard, most are two stories high and have a flat roof  with views of the medina, they are just to die for, My husband though is not so keen being a traditional kind of guy he believes that your garden should be a place of rest and relaxation away from all the goings on of your home, and that you should be able to park your car outside your house. I soon dispel the car idea as we could never ever find a parking spot for our car outside our house in London, even with a residents permit; He being open minded agrees to come and have a look, I am so in love with the idea of living in the Medina that nothing he can say will change my mind. So off we go to find an agent who will help us to find the riad off our dreams, I am absolutely astounded to find that there are thousands of not very organized agents in Marrakech, you think that you could just pop to any of the big estate agents and they would conjure up wonderful glossy photos of these fab places and you would just simply say “I’ll see that one thank you”, but no here’s how it goes, you go in you explain what you are looking for, phone calls are made and another person is called in, this person then takes you to another person, who then takes you to another and another until you think you have meet everyone and then just when you think its going to happen they need to find the guardian of the house who has the keys, you become all excited with the anticipation of the final hurdle, the ancient door swings open only to find that actually its so not what you asked to see in the first place. Unfortunately after several days of being escorted around most of the Medina, (I think?) we have become completely disorientated from the maze of little streets leading onto smaller streets leading on to alleyways, I sometimes feel I know exactly where I am and then we turn a corner and I have no clue. It is amazing in there. My Husband on the other hand is becoming less and less convinced he is starting to feel that all the good places have already been snapped up and turned into hotels, the children are also becoming cranky, he is starting to worry that maybe they are becoming seriously addicted to mint tea I think I know where they inherited this compulsive behavior from since I cannot stop looking at riads now, even though my feet are killing me, there’s always another one just around the corner.

As a solution we have decided to decamp from the hotel and go and stay in the medina for a few weeks. I think my husband is hoping that I will get over my love affair with the medina and be a good girl and go live near the golf course and I am hoping I will be able to convince my husband that we could live in a villa anywhere, but to truly experience morocco we have to be in the medina, but the most important task is to wean the children off the mint tea.



~ by marrakechxanthepat on April 1, 2008.

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