The Royal Golf Marrakech


Since my husband is an enthusiastic golfer, we spend a lot of time hanging out at The Royal Golf in Marrakech. Marrakech has an enormous amount of golf courses for one little town and is a great destination in the winter for golfers.

This isn’t by far the best run course, but it is the oldest and most beautiful  in Marrakech, Its always so peaceful with amazing trees,  and birds flying in and out of them,  its just perfect if you have come from a very green country and your getting homesick for a walk in the park.

They have a great buffet, that the kids adore we always meet my husband after for lunch, and it appears so do many other people from the local community, it is a shame that the last time we were there much to every-ones embarrassment, a very strange and unattractive looking woman became highly agitated and started screaming abuse at her poor son because he had lost his camera, I really wish that some parents could learn to control themselves in public as it is not only frightening for other peoples children but it really spoilt the calm atmosphere that you can only get when you are in such a beautiful natural setting.


~ by marrakechxanthepat on April 1, 2008.

7 Responses to “The Royal Golf Marrakech”

  1. Do you think young people in Marrakesh are learning to play golf? Did you see any young (elementary-school age) golfers? These are beautiful photos you’ve posted!

    Madame Monet
    Writing, Painting, Music, and Wine

  2. Marrakech is a little town? !!!!!

    It’s a huge city!

    You should have got out more to see it!

  3. wpm1955….Young people in Marrakech learning to play golf, this would be a fantastic opportunity for them, i agree. However, the cost is way too expensive for them, when their average wage is only 100 Euro per month.

    Wouldnt it be great if the golf tourists got together and organised some scheme where at least a few of the Marrakech young people, the ones who showed skill at Golf, could experience it?

    This would be a very kind and generous move to make.

  4. Thank you Paul for your considerate comments about the children who can’t afford to use the golf courses in Marrakech. There is a group of French golfers who come down here every year who donate huge amounts of money to an orphanage just close by to the Royal Golf, I will find out the name of the association and get back to you. Maybe you would like to also donate to this good cause. I think this is far more practical than giving poverty stricken children golf lessons?
    I would just like to add that Marrakech already has 3 major golf courses 2 of which have recently been extended, 4 more courses are under construction right at this minute making a total 7. I think that 7 golf course’s is more than enough for a city that has water shortages, and a general population as you so rightly pointed out can’t afford to play on them.
    I have just moved here from London and yes Marrakech is tiny in comparison

  5. Dear Madame Monet
    Thankyou for your photo compliment, but the golf course is better in real life.
    children are welcome to use the course and yes they have a teacher who who gives classes on Saturday mornings They also offer a weeks long course during the school vacations.

  6. Natural settings??? everything about the place is fake, artificial and waterconsuming bloody tourist, get out of your ivory tower for once..

    • Dear Anonymous it’s such a shame that you didn’t leave your name so that I could get a better picture of your cultural background. If you are Moroccan I must congratulate you on your use of British English, in my experience the word “bloody “is a word only really used by the British.
      If you are from the areas of Marrakech, Agadir or Essaouria’s you will understand why I find your ideas a little radical since all of the above cities and surrounding areas local economies are all based around tourism.” ivory towers “ I am afraid is not how these people would live if you take tourism away from this area.
      All golf courses are bad for the environment. The Royal Golf was created by King Hassan the second maybe you should take up your complaint with the Moroccan royal family.

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