Portraits of Tuareg Women

rdelene-bartholdi.jpgOn Friday evening we were invited to the Matisse Art Gallery to view the work of artist Regis Delène Bartholdis, I found his work very appealing to my femininity, He uses a pastel/charcoal medium and works on aged pages from books as his canvas. He is a fine portrait artist, in this exhibition he concentrates on  a mixture of Moroccan and Tuareg women, from the deep south of Morocco and Mauratainia 

His use of rich dessert inspired colours,  along with his delicate refined drawing  seems to incapsulate the beauty, simplicity and fragility  inside these women, when they are sometimes living under some very tough condtions on the edge of the Sahara.

The Matisse gallery is owned by two really nice guys called Nabil and Youssef they have done so much to promote local artists here in Marrakech, they too are local guys who clearly have an eye for talent, Nabil surprisingly enough used to be a bank manager until he turned his hand to managing artists and their work we have shopped with them frequently on past visits. They have now expanded their shop into an ultra modern gallery worthy of any of the major cities in the world. The gallery is named after the famous  French artist Henri Matisse who was inspired by his travels in Tangier’s 1912 and1913.


~ by marrakechxanthepat on April 2, 2008.

One Response to “Portraits of Tuareg Women”

  1. Fab picture, i love reading your articles on local artists as i think Moroccan art is really taking off.

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