Award Winning Moroccan Ceramics Designer

This is the creative design of Myriam Mourabit the ceramic artist and winner of this year’s best designer trophy awarded at the Riad Art Expo here in Marrakech. These beautiful ceramics clearly stood out to the judges as the best product to encapture the spirit of riad art, a mixture of art and design, tradtional, yet modern.

Myriam has been working for around 10 years perfecting her product from the clay and glazes to the shapes and designs. Trained as an Artist, she has always been fascinated by symbolisim, this is clearly reflected in the designs she has created on her pottery. working from her  garden atelier in Rabat, Myriam is passionate about her craft, hand painting every item, making sure that each piece is its own work of art.


She bases her work around traditional Moroccan berber symbols, usually only translated in Henna tattoos and Embroidery. Myriam loves simplicity, so she has taken these complicated patterns and used them sparingly to decorate her work.


The shapes that she has chosen for her terracota pottery  are also very elegant and refined. Everything is made for petite delicate artistic hands just like her own.

Using bright and vibrant colours with a rustic matt finish which works perfectly with the terracotta bases, Myriam guarantees that all of her tableware is lead free and 100% safe to eat and drink from.

Congratulations Myriam you deserve it!



~ by marrakechxanthepat on April 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “Award Winning Moroccan Ceramics Designer”

  1. i love this guys work and i’m working on a presentation for my ceramics class. i was wondering if you know where i can find more information about him, like schooling, his process and inspirations. i checked out his website, but it wasnt very detailed with that kind of info. please email me back if you have any suggestions thanks!

  2. What gives you the idea that it is a he? It is she, who is inspiring you!

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