Designer Tea, Marrakech

I love tea, its natural, its healthy and there are so many to chose from that you can never get bored, so imagine my delight when a very good friend of mine took me to the Tchaba tea salon here in Marrakech. Not only does it have designer teas, you can relax in designer surroundings.

Like the British, Moroccans love tea but usually the mint kind. (which can be so full of sugar that your spoon will stand up straight.) There is an art to pouring tea here in Morocco. First the person usually stands at least a foot above the tiny tea glass, then they begin to pour with amazing pin point accuracy into the glass,( this is a cooling process) then they return the tea into the pot and begin again, (this can be done several times) until the tea is deemed cool enough to drink.


Not at tchaba, here you are presented with beautiful delicate glass cups and saucers, your tea is in a beautiful glass teapot which is placed onto a stand which has a nightlight burning to keep the pot warm, you are given a sand timer for perfect brewing.

Each sachet is made from silk and only the The world’s finest whole tealeaves, herbs, fruits and spices are contained within.

Tchaba have over 50 different blends to chose from. Tcaba manafacture their beautiful aromatic teas here in Morocco ready for export all over the world.

They  have outlets here in Morocco and in Dubai where they sell everything you need to reproduce this tea experience back at home. Look at these these fantastic gift sets for all your tea connoisseur friends.

You will find Tchaba at Résidance Atlas, Avenue Mohammed 6th, Marrakech


~ by marrakechxanthepat on April 25, 2008.

5 Responses to “Designer Tea, Marrakech”

  1. WOW! What a great tea experience. I wish I could have been there. Beautiful pictures – they brought the post to life.

  2. Where on Mohamed V is the residence Atlas? These are all beautiful photos.

    Madame Monet I

  3. Thankyou teascapade! tchaba have amazing teas

  4. Dear Mme Monet, Opps! its on Mohammed 6, sorry! just across the street from Palais des congrès. You really should try it.

  5. I love that glassy teapot. Changes a lot from our usual berrads.

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