Absolutly Murano, Marrakech

Last night the Marrakech glitterati turned out for the Absolut Vodka launch party for the new pear flavoured vodka, at the super trendy Murano resort in the Palmaraie. Security was tight so I didn’t want to take my camera, but hey I was there to party.

During the day it had been around 37 degrees. Last night the party planners had decided to turn the Murano into a winter wonderland with snowy white grass, and huge Ice sculptures and a bar made from ice serving shots of vodka in glasses made from solid ice, snow machines tumbled snow over the now famous red Murano pool. The DJ played on the roof of the hotel and lasers light the night sky while everyone partied hard by  pool until the early hours.




~ by marrakechxanthepat on April 26, 2008.

5 Responses to “Absolutly Murano, Marrakech”

  1. Gutted I wasn’t there i love absolute vodka, sounded fantastic. Will have to network more!!

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  3. If someone can send me some pictures of this party, I was there with the pink trouser and the D.G sunglases…!!!all the night, No I’m joking but someone was there like that.
    Excelent party but nobody dance, Marrakech is not Miami !

  4. Hey Diego, I think everyone was to wobbly from all that free vodka to really get down and boogie (I was paranoid I might fall into that red pool). So pleased to meet you.

  5. Pleased to meet you too !


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