Moroccan Home Cooking, At The New Al Fassia.

For some good home cooking Moroccan style you should try the relatively inexpensive Al Fassia restaurant here in Marrakech. Having established its self as one of the most popular traditional Moroccan restaurants with both locals and tourists, Al Fassia has decided to expand and has created a second purpose built restaurant on the outskirts of town to service its already over subscribed clientele.

Al Fassia is always a popular choice for those in the know about where to eat in Marrakech, and having enjoyed the old restaurant in Guiliez many times we decided to try the newly opened branch for ourselves. The decor was kept simple with large relaxing banquettes to sit on and low traditional tables the restaurant itself is built over two floors and has a pleasant view of the old city walls on the second floor.


I personally love the  salad starter. For anyone who isn’t accustomed to Moroccan cuisine this is a fantastic chance to try out the many variations on salads that Moroccan cuisine has to offer. The tajines are always exemplary. Some more complicated dishes do need to be ordered in advance, which is a shame if  like me you don’t think to plan ahead. 


But I do advise you to book in advance as the new restaurant was as full as the old one ever was yesterday evening.

You will find the Al Fassia at

Al Fassia, Route de l’Ourika   

Al Fassia, Blvd. Zerktouni Residence Tayeb (+212 24 434 060)


~ by marrakechxanthepat on May 11, 2008.

5 Responses to “Moroccan Home Cooking, At The New Al Fassia.”

  1. very interesting, thank you

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  3. Thanks for your visit.
    I will be over to see you right away.

  4. I took foreign friends to the new Al Fassia and thought it was good. However, the salads we had, had less than half the amount on each salad plate as shown in your picture!

    I thought the portions were a bit miniscule, but everything was well-prepared, my friends enjoyed it, and we did not go away hungry.

    madame Monet
    Writing, Painting, Music, and Wine

  5. Dear Madame Monet, sorry to hear about your salads at Al Fassia, I just photographed what we were served. Was the restaurant very busy that night? I like the salads as you get such a big choice of dishes to try.

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