Ramuntcho Auberge, Ourika Valley, Marrakech.


About 60km outside of Marrakech, just tucked inside the Atlas Mountains is the Ourika Valley, a beautiful gorge carved out by the river that zigzags along the base of the mountains. As you drive along the route you view the ancient dwellings of the Berbers who have lived and worked on this land for many centuries. It is now a tourist destination, littered with craft shops, hotels and cafes, but still maintains its character. With picture postcard views of  houses built into the mountainside and rope bridges pulled across the river at various points (for anyone wishing to explore) it is a great out of town destination. Many Marrakchis escape here during the hot summer months and hang out by the cool mountain river.

One of the nicest places to eat and stay is the Auberge Ramuntcho, a pretty little guest house and a great place to escape from the city for Sunday lunch. Yesterday was a little chilly so we sat inside but the terrace  has panoramic  views of the river and is towered over by one of the red mountains.

It is a perfect base for anyone wishing to explore the local area. Further along the route are some waterfalls but depending on the time of year it is not always guaranteed you will get to see them. Fantastic for any serious hikers, who wish to explore this rugged terrain.


The Ourika valley is one of the prettiest places to see if you are on a short visit  to Marrakech. It is easy to get to, and most grand taxi drivers will take you if you book in advance.

you will find Auberge Ramuntcho at

Vallée de L’Ourika, Aghabalou

Tél. 024 43 82 63




~ by marrakechxanthepat on May 19, 2008.

One Response to “Ramuntcho Auberge, Ourika Valley, Marrakech.”

  1. very nice place for week in winter! i ve been there in 80s used tobe owned by french guy who lived in marrakech for many years he died in morocco …he loved marrakech and local people there!!
    marrakech was place for many europeans in 80s some very creative who are still living there!

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