Glam Glass Chandeliers by Voltolina, Marrakech

The Voltolina company is the premiere glass chandelier company in Morocco, and has just opened its flagship store here in Marrakech. This 1200m lighting emporium has been architecturally designed to show these fantastic lighting pieces to their best advantage.

The company has been riding high on the crest of the worldwide trend in this genre of lighting, with showrooms in New York, Venice, Dubai and Casablanca. Exporting their products globally, Voltolina is now one of the leading manufactures worldwide.


Their main production takes place here in Morocco with an enormous 80,000 square meter site in Settat, a town not too far from Casablanca. They also have smaller sites in Tunisia, Spain and Romania.

The innovative company have definitely moved with the times and introduced artistic lead free Murano and superior glass in the manufacture of the products. They have also patented a new assembly method called “The Leonardo System” which allows the lamp to be assembled without touching any of the electrical components, which automatically  makes it safer for customers to  install.

Voltolina also specialises in fabulous drinking glasses, vases and mirrors. They divide their collection into four categories contemporary, classic, crystal classy and glam glass. They are also currently working with many of the the major building developers and designers on the many hotel projects here in Morocco, and are happy to undertake any unique project requests.

Le Parc Commercial,

Marjane Square Ménara 


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~ by marrakechxanthepat on June 3, 2008.

7 Responses to “Glam Glass Chandeliers by Voltolina, Marrakech”

  1. I’m so jealous of you right now!!!

    Morocco is one of my must -go places next year!

  2. How very beautiful.

  3. Oh I love the glass curtain…what an amazing effect!

  4. Welcome back Leanne, the curtain comes in a rainbow of colours, which would be just your thing at
    Your site

  5. Thanks Theresa

  6. This 1200m lighting emporium has been architecturally designed by JALAL DEMNATI, Architect from Casablanca

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