Le Blokk, Marrakech

Last night there were Birthday celebrations at Le Blokk in the Palameraie of Marrakech. This new restaurants sepia toned decor is a step back in time to Manhattan, and the glamorous 30’s and 40’s. While you are being wined and dined the live music performers serenade you with melodies from bygone eras. (Perfect for an old ladies birthday party!)


 The menu a mixture of French, Moroccan and Thai was fantastic.

Le Blokk, hosts evenings with musical appeal for all, with Rock&Roll, Disco and Salsa theres something for everyone.

You can find Le Blockk In the Palmeraie area of Marrakech just near to Palais Mehdi.

+212 74 33 43 34




~ by marrakechxanthepat on June 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “Le Blokk, Marrakech”

  1. Hello,
    I’m visiting you blog since few days ago, and I was so surprised and so happy to find these lampshades on the net, I participated in making them!

  2. And what a fantastic job you did. So if anyone asks me about this lighting i will send them straight to you.
    Thanks for checking my site Mohamed.

  3. excues me i am looking for thier email addresse is there any one knows it plzzzz ??
    send it to me :
    Thank you

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