Agadir, Dancing Lobsters and Cheb Khaled.

So after the isolation comes the party town, Agadir. We decided to hang out and see what Agadir was like for a couple of nights. We had also heard there was a world music festival happening in town this weekend.

So we found ourselves a small but chic hotel, rather than a big monster sized hotel with 700 rooms. The Timoulay is a new design led hotel, close to the beach, but a taxi ride to the night spots. Which was perfect for our needs.

Firstly we headed down to the Marina for some dinner. The Marina is newly built just 18 months old, and is enclosed buy a  stunning complex of apartments some with views over the entire Agadir bay, access to private swimming pools, with a beautiful shopping and restaurant area  and of course private parking for not only your car but your boat as well.

After having spent some time with the fisherman on the beach the children were fascinated to find our chosen restaurant had dancing lobsters kept in a tank. We didn’t have the heart to tell them people were eating them, instead we told them they were of to the festival to carry on dancing.


After a stroll around the marina it was ice creams for everyone.

Then on to the Timitar festival just in time to hear one of my favorite Maghrebi singers Cheb Khaled perform some of his great tracks. The surrounding streets where packed as everyone came out to see this much loved and outstanding performer.

If you haven’t heard Cheb Khaled sing his classic tune Aicha Here is a YouTube video of him performing in Casablanca in 2007.




~ by marrakechxanthepat on July 8, 2008.

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