Can a Girl Live Without Her Beads? Marrakech

I cant live without them, I love beads, I can’t go into the Marrakech Medina without looking admiringly and longingly, at all the gorgeous beads. Beads strung as necklaces, beads strung as bracelets beads on key chains. Beads on shirts and beads on shoes. Beads are just everywhere in the Medina.

New ones, old ones, cheap ones and positively, outrageously, expensive ones. (which are always the ones I want.)

 I love it when the sunshines on them, I could eat them as they look just like boiled sweets.

If you, like me have a passion for beads don’t come here to Marrakech Medina. No please stay at home so I can keep them all for myself.

If you do come, try the Mellah district to buy wholesale packs to fuel your addiction.

~ by marrakechxanthepat on July 19, 2008.

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