The Zorro Boys, Go Riding in Casablanca

The little boys in our family where growing restless. They wanted something to do. They had, been watching  Zorro on a loop on the DVD player for weeks. One day a friend told us about a cure for this addiction…. A farm in Casablanca, a place that takes little boys and teaches them how to ride just like Zorro.

They begged to be able to learn how to ride like Zorro. I patiently explained that no swords were involved but they didn’t care… It was the horses they wanted.
So we booked them in for a week. We were worried. After all some of our little boys had barely spent a night away from home.
We set off for Casablanca to check it out. We arrived to see the camp, with its little dorms and swimming pool and mountain bike trails and tennis courts and regular football matches every night.

We were greeted by the children and looked into their happy little faces and asked them some questions. Everyone told us in loud and excited voices what a fantastic time they were having. Some of them had travelled from foreign far away lands just to learn to ride here, and spoke in many languages. Umm… This could also help the Zorro boys I thought.

Next we went to see Mr El Yassini, the owner of hacienda. We asked him what he could teach the Zorro wannabes. He told us that they would start riding slowly, inside the paddock, and then, if all went well he would take them out, into the beautiful Casablancan countryside, up into the hills and along the beach… but of course he would expect some help with looking after his horses. The Zorro juniors would have to clean the stables and feed the horses. Umm… I wasn’t sure they were up to this… After all I had seen their bedrooms. Surprisingly enough, they agreed.


So we decided to leave, we decided to give them a week and surely they would be begging us tearfully to come home.

We laughed all the way back to Marrakech about our boys cleaning horsey poo, they’ll be back in days we assured ourselves. 

But no, after their week was up, they begged us to stay. They had made so many friends they just didn’t want to leave.

So we tearfully let them stay for one more week.


For more info on this fantastic camp for kids.

~ by marrakechxanthepat on July 28, 2008.

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