The Golden Tulip Farah, Casablanca.

Mummy insisted Daddy came to pick up the boys from horse camp, as she had heard the sales had started in the shops in Casablanca. And to give Daddy something in return she let him chose the hotel. So we went to stay in what the boys renamed the “Daddy Hotel”, which to the rest of the world would be known as the Golden Tulip Farah in Casablanca. I could kind of see what they were talking about as this  newly refurbished, super modern, multiroomed, multistory hotel was a little on the masculine side.

Its great venue to stay at if your in Casablanca on a business trip. Central location, view of the port and beyond the sea and for us Marrackchis a taste of being back in the big city. Beautiful modern design with comfortable rooms, pool, spa and great room service which works very well if you have tired and smelly children who have just spent two weeks in the company of horses. So it was hot baths and super sized hamburgers and a good night sleep before we hit the shops and then went on to Marrrakech……..

~ by marrakechxanthepat on July 29, 2008.

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