The Venise Cadre Book of Artists, Casablanca.

One last thing we did in Casablanca was to visit our old friends a Venice Cadre, I have mentioned them before on my blog, in the post about Mehdi Qotbi. This is one of the very best and very oldest art galleries in the whole of Morocco. I had seen their fascinating book while there and wanted to go back to buy it.

If you are in any way curious about Moroccan art, Moroccan artists or artists that have resided in Morocco this is a must have purchase as it records over 60 years of exhibitions held by Venise Cadre. 

For all art lovers out there this is a fascinating insight into the history of art in Morocco.

For more information on where to get this book contact.

Galerie Venise Cadre

25 Boulevard Moulay Rachid-Cassablanca

+212 (0) 22 36 60 78

~ by marrakechxanthepat on July 31, 2008.

One Response to “The Venise Cadre Book of Artists, Casablanca.”

  1. That is some pretty sweet art 🙂

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