OMG I’m Thirsty! August in Marrakech.

OMG I’m thirsty all the time. Its my first August in Marrakech for a long time. It appears I had forgotten how hot it can get. 

What can I have?  What can help me?  in this dry dessert heat. I feel like I need an IV in my arm to keep me hydrated. Plus all the drinking glasses in the house keep breaking, so I popped to Bab Foutah yesterday to browse for some new ones.

As I crossed the D’Jemal Fna  I thought my flip flops were gonna melt. Once back inside the covered streets of the Medina It was lovely and cool. In the old days the riads were built with super thick stone walls that keeps the heat in, in winter and the heat out, in summer. Those ancient architects were so clever. The Medina it seems is the best place to hang out on those hot summer days.

I am usually a plain kind of person keeping things simple, but when I saw the sunlight beaming of these coloured, painted drinking glasses and tea glasses, I had to have them…..



~ by marrakechxanthepat on August 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “OMG I’m Thirsty! August in Marrakech.”

  1. I LOVE these first glasses! Please do tell where in the medina these were – I’ve searched all over!

  2. super stuff

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