Marrakech And The Psychedelic Chicks.

I took a wrong turn in the Medina today, the kids were hot, and moody, some of the littler ones had even started to cry walking through the back streets cursing their stupid lost Mother and then look what we saw ………….


I thought I was trippin……………..

I thought at the very least I had sun stroke……………

Was it a mirage?????

How did they do it????

I Love Marrakech, just when you think you’ve seen it all…………


~ by marrakechxanthepat on August 13, 2008.

10 Responses to “Marrakech And The Psychedelic Chicks.”

  1. […] Xanthe spotted some psychedelic-colored baby chicks in the medina today and shares photos of the multicolored poultry. Posted by Jillian York  Print Version Share […]

  2. Personally, although these chicks are beautiful, think it’s a waste to buy them. They’re painted with harmful and toxi paints and they die few days later. I think that people doig it have no idea or didn’t learn about respecting animals.

  3. I did wonder if I should post these photos on my site, as it does border on amimal cruelty. But just to reassure you the little chicks did look very healthy when I took the pictures. I didnt buy any of them as it was a very hot day and we were far from home and i thought it would be cruel to carry them around in a box. (Even though the children still want me to go back and find them again.)
    I am still pondering how they were so perfectly coloured, and would love to know if anyone has the answer.

  4. I remember seeing some just like this in Tangier! My 2 year old osn LOVED them! While some say yes it is cruel, I think that in other parts of the world animals are animals and most people don’t get worked up over things like this. I’m going to ask my husband how they dye them!

  5. Thanks for stopping by MarocMama.
    You are 100% right there is a completely differnt attitude towards animals.
    I actually think these chicks are seen as pets by the people who were buying them.
    Which hopefully means they will be cared for.

  6. ohhh cute but abusive in my honest opimiom

  7. It’s really horrible and cruel so many chemicals are used in the paint. Most of the Moroccans aren’t very aware about the cruelty of the products they use or they just don’t care.
    They use also nowadays chemicals in henna to darken it fast and the side effects found that some people can get a permanent skin allergy. I remember my wife complained how achy her skin became when she used it in Marrakech.

  8. Im still not sure how this process of changing the colour of the birds was done.
    I thought that it was done with food colourants maybe?
    They didnt appear to be painted or sick.
    I think that many people in Morocco are not privileged enough to see animals as anything more than a commodity.

  9. There are colored chicks available in the streets of Manila. I’ve seen how they’ve colored them. They use food coloring which I think is safe. The man who colors them even licked his own fingers to show that they aren’t toxic.
    I do not know if I should agree with this practice but did you know that in some U.S.farms, male chicks are thrown in the trash to die bec. they don’t need them bec. they don’t lay eggs. So I guess I would rather see them all prettied up and the lucky ones would go to good families to be well taken cared of even if they only live for a few days.

    • Wow thanks for that Nina. I thought thats how they did it. I to have seen photos of of “battery farmed” hens in the Uk who are kept in tiny cages in filthy conditions pumped up on hormones and steroids. Enough to put you off eating chicken for life.
      Thanks again for your comment

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