Surfer Tales From Morocco…..

Inside the great bay of Agadir where the Atlantic water seems to be warmer and the winds a lot calmer, you will find some world class waves to surf . This surfer’s paradise lies 25km North of Agadir on the winding coast road towards Essaouria. Part of the Hippie trail during the late 1960’s and 70’s this laid back beach community still hasn’t lost that vibe.

Husband being an experienced surfer decided we had to start at the place with the scariest sounding name, “Killer Point”. I greet this news with great trepidation as I am a complete novice surfer, and spend most of my time in the water with my board floating some where above my head, and often leave the beach feeling like a pair of knickers that have been through the super rinse programme, in a washing machine. It didn’t help seeing how hard the beach was to access. As I start my descent I begin to fantasise about the Moroccan version of the Navy Seals who surely, will be needed to rescue me and airlift me out this very afternoon………. umm I think not, it will probably be some toothless guy in a rowing boat.

 Once down on this beautiful sandy beach, you will find some killer waves even in the month of August. But nothing I couldn’t handle. I also find the plus of it being a hard to access beach means that it remains semi deserted for most of the day, so I can fall off my board as often as I like, without hundreds of people sniggering at my incompetence.

Next day we moved on to “Anchor Point”  the most famous of all surfer beaches in Morocco. Just north of the little town of Tagahazout you will find an old abandoned building and “Anchor Point” lies just beyond. This beach was a little crowded with many kids practicing their body boarding along the beach, so you had to be very careful not to decapitate some one as you hit the beach. But do remember this is an August experience and probably won’t be the same at another time of year.

The town of Tagahazout is the central point to find surf shops to rent and buy boards and equipment. A good place we found was “Almugar Surf Shop”. The owner speaks great English. With lots of low budget places to stay and eat. Here also you will find “Hash Point” ( see what I mean about the hippie vibe) so named for all the surfers who are too lazy to leave the town beach and go to “Anchor Point” to surf……..ummm.

This friendly little town is in for quite a change over the next ten years. A huge five mile (620 hectors)expanse of beach south of this town has been bought up by a huge development company who are building around ten five star hotels and villas. Work has already began on the “Raffels” and “Fairmont” Hotels. Diggers are now terraforming this beautiful landscape ready for the estimated 21 000 bed project which will be constructed over the next ten years.

South of this project you will find my favorite surf beach of all “Dynamic Beach”. Here the waves climb to fantastic two meter high walls of water that just keep coming. Also you have a  restaurant to hang at called Chez Brahim great for  lunch and snacks, sun beds for rent for all the surf voyers and every weekend you can strut your stuff as its competition time. The water is cleared and everyone gathers on the beach to watch  the  surfers and the body boarders do their thing…… riding the crests of these gigantic waves.

Some of the stunts were amazing………

 and so were some of the wipe outs………………..

At least I don’t have to feel so bad…………As it seems to happen to everyone.

~ by marrakechxanthepat on August 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “Surfer Tales From Morocco…..”

  1. Youve brought back some great memories it’s over ten years since I surfed there.Real shame to here about the development.

  2. Amazing pictures! I would love to take a trip there.

  3. Fantastic piccies…….also try out Sidi Kaouki about 10miles south of Essaouira….it’s a very nice spot. We also found a great place to stay there (albeit spartan but clean) just of the beach. couple of donkeys parked down the road and a fantastic local cook selling goats meat at 10metres. Let me know if you want the details.

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