Mr and Mrs Tajine

On all the occasions I have dined out in Moroccan restaurants, I hadn’t realised that actually Tajines come as couples….. I had only ever been introduced to Mrs Tajine in all her guises while out on the whirling Marrakech social scene. 

Of course she is always the one on display. Always a crowd pleaser, always dressed to kill in your very finest cuts of lamb, fish or chicken (I love her classic vegetable look), always good and wholesome, and always warm and rich in flavour.

Since hanging out at the beach I’ve realised that there is a Mr Tajine.

Of course I had seen him before, but never in the restaurants. No Mr Tajine hangs out in the background (like the good husband) , while she takes the spotlight and becomes a world renouned dish. He can be brazenly confident too, as he has a lot of control. He knows that without him she is nothing but a lot of cold mush and he is the one who can get her fires burning. She’s wary to not go too far, because if she gets him mad he will get all hot and bothered and then she will burn.

The harmonious couple will go anywhere and work their magic, inside or out, but be warned they will not be rushed …… they work together slowly, but this smouldering couple are worthy of the wait.

Not until now had I realised how perfectly this marriage works,  being  an outsider to these culinary ways having never seen the likes on Masterchef……… I had cruelly tried to place a new young Miss Tajine directly onto my cooker and not followed the correct procedure and introduced her to a Mr right Tajine.  Of course heartbreakingly I nearly lost her to the ferocius heat of gas mark five…..

 Unfortunately, since then , poor Miss Tajine had been doomed to stay on the shelf in my kitchen. But now I know , I will find her a Mr right Tajine with perfect black coals to make her smoulder. It will be a marrige made in heaven and all our troubles will be over.

 For more information on how to buy a Mr and Mrs Tajine and some interesting Tajine  reciepes….. 

have a look at Esteves blog

 Tajine Cooking





~ by marrakechxanthepat on August 26, 2008.

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