Sahraoui Style.

The style of the Sahraoui women can be seen all over southern Morocco. This simple way of dressing by wrapping a long length of fabric around your body, (called Malhafa ) is worn a little like the Indian Sari.

These customs of dress come from the southern parts of Morocco and the Western Saharian tribes as far south as Mali. Often the fabrics worn are the beautiful highly charged African patterns in very light-weight cottons. The Sahraoui women seem to love bright sunny colours.

(including their socks)

 More flowing than a djellaba and all encompassing, there is no need for a separate hijab, which in my opinion makes these women look wonderfully co-ordinated………(apart from the choices in footwear)

Of course now I’m inspired by these women and their Sahraoui style.

 I have been to search the souks to find myself some of these fantastic fabrics.

Ummm………Will have to think of something for Kaftan Queen to do with these when I get back to Marrakech.



~ by marrakechxanthepat on August 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sahraoui Style.”

  1. love the blues – gorgeous

  2. I love your blogsite. I am in the market for a djellaba. I am on the petite side though. Can you recommend any sites that carry djellabas? The women here are so beautiful, proving that you don’t have to reveal skin to be feel beautiful. Thanks.

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