Table Decor, Moroccan Style.

Since Ramadan has arrived I’ve decided to get with the spirit of things and adorn my dining table with a more Moroccan feel, so I decided to use this celebration as a good excuse to buy some of these cute little table accessories I keep seeing in the Marrakech Medina.

I  just love the way the twirly holders hug the napkins.

Of course I could have chosen from a variety of colours, orange, cerise, lime green but these were my favorites.

Oh and one more thing look at this cute little cutlery.

And not forgetting to stay in hubby’s good books, I find the perfect gift for him. Hooray….I’m such a good wife.

Umm….. Hubby though is not too grateful when given his perfect gift…… He reminds me that we rarely get mail since we moved to Morocco.

For some authentic Marrakchi Ramadan reciepes check out,

Love at first 1st bites, blog.

~ by marrakechxanthepat on September 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “Table Decor, Moroccan Style.”

  1. I like that blue napkin and the silverware. They look really expensive.

  2. Love the carving on the wood. Unique napkin holders too!

  3. I love the little napkins with bobbles on!
    I have about 20 here in NY.
    All best wishes and missing Maroc.

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