Riad Zam Zam Opens To A Full House, Marrakech.

If your looking for a wow factor riad to stay in here in Marrakech you can’t get better than Riad Zam Zam. The newly opened (and fully booked since opening) super deluxe design led boutique hotel is welcoming guests to the Marrakech Medina in style with sumptuous surroundings, fantastic service and deco that lists some of Marrakech’s top designers and has been sourced from some of the worlds greatest cities. By the globe trotting designers of Riad Zam Zam.

Come with me for an exclusive tour and see Riad Zam Zam for yourself.



Riad Zam Zam was the dream of Marcus and Emma Joyston-Bechal who moved to Marrakech almost 3 years ago, they spent a long time searching for the perfect location to start their boutique hotel and having considered the notion of building a Maison d’hotes outside of Marrakech they wisely opted for a riad in the heart of the atmospheric ancient souk. The Medina is the place to be when visiting Marrakech and Riad Zam Zam its just a stones throw from all the action that Marrakech has to offer.


Riad Zam Zam is nestled in one of the most ancient parts of the Marrakech Medina, this though did not deter the couple in their determination to renovate this beautiful old building. Marcus had plenty of experience in construction having worked as an engineer in London this kind of challenge was exactly what he was looking for. After just 8 months of hard, hard work the building was ready for Emma to take on the job of interior designer.

And look how beautiful it is……..

Emma’s style draws on her childhood experiences of being raised in Africa and England, she blends her Notting Hill style perfectly with her African past. Funky Fabrics and African wood carvings all work well with her clever furnishing finds amongst the Parisian antique shops, and of course the designer pieces that she has invested in here in Marrakech to give Riad Zam Zam that luxury Moroccan touch.

 Riad Zam Zam has a total of seven rooms for you to chose from, here are some of the suites….









 The Hagar suite umm …..love the South African JuJu hat wall decor, such a shame my photo doesn’t do it justice the colour of the feathers would put any peacock to shame!

Marcus has lovingly designed all of these streamlined en suite bathrooms using tadelakt and marble.









 I love the Rose Suite, so calm and tranquil, did you know that Emma sells those beautiful Beni Oruarain Rugs?

Did you see that romantic bath with the two little love seats and the niches to rest your champagne glasses?

(Dont forget you can click on the images to see all the gorgeous details.)

Then up stairs…….

Have you noticed how Marcus and Emma have had Yahya design most of their lighting?

Truly a sign of a deluxe boutique hotel if Yahya does your lighting, after all he will only work on the very best projects.










The Berber Suite in Pistache and plasterwork ceiling is beautiful…….

But the very best part of this rooms design is this funky tiled floor. 

I could go on forever taking photos of all the hard work this couple have put into Riad Zam Zam to make your stay here in Marrakech as luxey as poss.

For more veiws of this beautiful Riad and information on how to book contact


And for more looks on how this project was created go to

The Goodlife in Morocco

Riad Zam Zam is also open for  dinner most evenings and has a superb chef (I Know as I’ve eaten there.) The menu is French, Asian or Moroccan depending on your mood. Riad Zam Zam warmly welcomes everyone. But do book in advance, as I mentioned before the riad has been fully booked since opening.

Just call Mohammed for reservations on




Congratulations Marcus and Emma.

~ by marrakechxanthepat on November 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Riad Zam Zam Opens To A Full House, Marrakech.”

  1. It looks really nice!

    Madame Monet

  2. Very glam and lovely.
    Super lighting too!Greetings from New York

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