Larbi Cherkaoui Latest Exhibition in Marrakech.


The artist Larbi Cherkaoui opened his exhibition “Le Langage Metamorphique” last night at the prestigious Black on White Gallery here in Marrakech.


Larbi, native to Marrakech is one of the cities young up and coming artists. formally trained as a calligrapher Larbi has now expanded this beautiful art form into a modern abstract version totally in tune with the modernisation of Marrakech, his city and his influence. Larbi’s style moves away from the traditional uses of  precise and detailed calligraphy, his work is large, boisterous and bold. Some of his works are spread over many small canvases each canvas an individual expression, eventually pulling together the whole image into a large and decadent piece. 

Larbi has captured the colours of Marrakech, Morocco and Africa perfectly in his work. His use of local pigments saffron yellows, ochre reds and the deep shades of henna browns all blended together with such warmth, you can’t help but feel the magical light and deep dry desert heat that must have influenced Larbi so strongly growing up here in Marrakech.


This exhibition will be running from the 8th -27th of November at…. 

Blanc Sur Noir Gallery,

1st floor,48 Rue Yugoslavie,



(+212) 61 44 o6 24

To view more of Larbi’s work see his site


~ by marrakechxanthepat on November 9, 2008.

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