The Royal Atlas Hotel and Spa. Agadir

Hubby had some business to do in Agadir, the children had some time of school so we went to visit the newly opened Royal Atlas in Agadir.


Mummy had been looking forward to this trip as mummy had been a little bit poorly and this week she had given the cleaner some time off to spend Eid with her family.

Mummy had researcherd her destination she had read  about the fantastic kids club, babysitting services and most of all the SPA at this 5 star resort hotel

Mummy planned to test them all…………

She wanted to watch the seagulls drift home as the sun went down from the terrace of her royal suite.



She wanted to sip cocktails at the swanky bar and after go on to taste the  cuisines from all over the world  in the fabulous restaurants, Moroccan, Asian and Italian.


She wanted to lie in the winter sun on their private beach and take a dip in their heated pool and spend some time in the jacuzzi be scrubbed clean of all cares in the hamam and be massaged, but she couldn’t decide if she would take the Asian or Indian or French Breton treatments…. or maybe she would have them all.


Oh how Mummy loves being a tourist….

After  Mummy had tried and tested everything she had dreamed of  and found it all to be truly excellent, and the children had played in the sand,  swam in the pool, driven the kids club lady crazy, fallen in love with their babysitter and gorgued themselves at the buffet it was time to go home on the long journey back to Marrakech….as we hit the road we were all in agreement on how much we had loved the The Royal Atlas Hotel and our time in Agadir.


~ by marrakechxanthepat on December 14, 2008.

5 Responses to “The Royal Atlas Hotel and Spa. Agadir”

  1. wow divine. Marrakech has to be very close to heaven!

  2. Bravo pour la présentation, vous avez commenté ces belles photos et vous nous avez emporté dans ce magnifique endroit. je trouve qu’il y a toujours du nouveau sur votre site.c’est tout simplement EXCELLENT. Bravo encore

  3. Wow, I hope one day to travel to Morocco. Nice country.

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