The 20 Chefs Fund Raiser Evening in Marrakech.

Whilst flicking through the last edition of the Marrakech Tribune one article really stood out. It was about a charity event that was being held by the local business community who were all pulling together to help  a sick boy who needed urgent treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The planned event was for all the chefs from the yummiest restaurants and best boutique hotels in Marrakech to get together and prepare a signature hors-d’oeuvres dish for all the guests…..

That night it was Marrakech Celebrity chef in the kitchen………

 The venue was  the stunning Dar Soukkar…..


We were greeted by Said Taj and his stunning floral creations….

Said Taj Floral Designer Marrakech

  Bruno Cheno brought the band  from Jad Mahal….

Jad Mahal Band

The food was divine…….

Fantastic Food by the 20 Marrakech Chefs

Prizes were donated from all the top stores and raffled to raise money….

And a lot of thanks have to go to Mr and Mrs Greau from of the Tougana restaurant for all their hardwork.

And now  I ask all you visitors who are coming to enjoy beautiful Marrakech please could you think about leaving a little something behind when you go home, to help some of the less fortunate residents of Marrakech. Health care in Morocco is very expensive and this boy and many other local children need constant special care that their families can not afford to give them.

All donations no matter how small are welcome.

Please support


~ by marrakechxanthepat on December 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “The 20 Chefs Fund Raiser Evening in Marrakech.”

  1. looks like a fun event. The pictures sure have captured it well.

    It is excellent that the article has closed on a note asking for help for the poor. It is amazing right sometimes even in very rich communities you have so many poor.

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