Marakech Art Festival Salon d’Hiver.

This weekend Marrakech saw the Salon d’Hiver art expo. Many congratulations must be given to the founder and organiser Abderazzak Benchaabane along with the president Andre Azoulay the galleries and of course the artists themselves. Thursday night was the opening of the exposition at the Riad Mogador Hotel. Here we saw displays of art and photography dedicated to Moroccan Art and artists.

Galerie Lucie Weill&Seligmann  who are based in Paris but sell works by Moroccan Artists showed paintings  by Larbi Cherkaoui, Nourredine Diafellah, Keya, Jean Paul Ruel, Abderahim Yamou and Photography by Fouad Maazouz.

Galerie Marsam who have galleries in Rabat and Casablanca showed work by Mohamed Chebaa, Bennani Moa, Abdelbassit ben Dahman, Aziz Abou Ali, Mohamed Nabil, Abdelkabir Rabi, Abderrahim Yamou and Mohamed Melehi.

Matisse Gallery who are based here in Marrakech showed works Yassmina Alaoui & Marco Guerra, Amina Benbouchta, Noureddine Chater, Noureddine Daifellah, Hassan Hajjaj, Abderrahim Iqbi, Mohammed Melehi, Adam Sabhan.

Galerie Noir Sur Blanc another Marrakech Gallery showed Mahi Binebane, Rachid Bakker, Hassan Bourkia, Larbi Cherkaoui, Hassan Echair, Mohamed Mourabiti, Hafid Marbou.

Galerie Point & line Marrakech gallery paintings  by, Raja Atlassi, Amal Bachir, Ahmed Bensmail, My Youssef Elkahafi and Ahmed Hajoubi and stunnig photography by Ali Charibi, Hassan Nadim, Nour Eddine Tissaghani.

Galarie Tindouf also based here in Marrakech showed paintings by Fouad Bellamine, Omar Bourgeba, James Brown, Azziz El Khattaf, Saad Hassani, Ilias Selfati, Youssef Tamil, Kawiak Tomek and photography by Lalla Essaydi and photography by Mohamed El Baz.

Saturday night was the presentation of the  homage awards for two of Morocco’s most renowned artists. Both native to Marrakech. Farid Belkahia and Hassan El Glaoui. An award was also presented to Toni Maraini the art historian and writer who spent 24 years promoting Morocco’s Artists around the world.

During the ceremony we watched two beautiful films  by Nour Eddine Tilsaghani. Here the artists recounted their stories of what it meant to be an artist  here in Morocco in the past. Hassan El Galoui now 86 shared with us his charming story of how Winston Churchill had helped him on his artistic path…… One day Winston Churchill who frequently visited Marrakech was invited to the home of  Hassan El Galouis father. Hassan El Glaoui’s father was a little unsure of what to do with his artistic son who had a passion for painting horses. Knowing that Winston himself enjoyed painting he decided to show him one of his son’s early paintings and Winston immediately spotted the young Hassan’s talent and advised him to let him continue, and the rest is history…..

The award ceremony was held in the cinema of the recently finished media arts school that had been designed and built specifically for the exploration of  the contemporary arts.  Funding  for the new building came not only from the prefecture of Marrakech but was also helped along by donations from the local community. Their  help  provides scholarships for talented young Moroccan artists.

I was proud to celebrate the lives of these two Marrakech artists and watch them accept their awards for their life achievements in placing Marrakech art on the world’s stage. I was also proud to realise how much value Marrakech places on their artists of the future.



The school is open to visitors and always open for donations……… 

~ by marrakechxanthepat on December 22, 2008.

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