Romantic Blessings from D’Jemal Fna Marrakech

Everyone who comes to Marrakech can’t help but visit the main square D’Jemal Fna. Day and night the Square is where the action is. 

Even if you don’t feel up to ordering from the open air barbecue that happens every sunset.


You can take a stroll  and mingle with the crowds who come  to watch performances by the street entertainers. The snake charmers will be there you will hear their eerie sound echoing  in each corner of the square, the acrobats, and the fortune tellers………….

fortune teller-djemal-fna

Along with the musicians who provide the soundtrack  for the D’Jemal Fna with their exotic drum rhythms…………


You will also find  a group of ladies who at first glance may appear a little scary. If you take a closer look  you may notice they are brandishing  syringes filled with brown goo. ….


Yikes….. you may think, but  dont panic this isn’t some strange and exotic new drug. They don’t wish you any harm. These ladies are actually artists, who just want to give you some romantic blessings Moroccan style………. 

The brown goo is  henna paste  made from ground down henna leaves, some lemon juice, tea and water, kept in (needle less) syringes for easy storage and easy application….. These ladies will invite you to sit with them while you browse their make shift portfolios and when you have agreed on your design (and the price) she will gently take your hand (or any other part of your body within reason) and decorate your skin with strange symbols and talismans, skillfully gliding the  syringe across your skin and weaving her magic.

The henna ritual amongst Moroccan women is associated with romance………Henna parties are the Moroccan version of a hen night or bridal shower. The night before a Moroccan bride ties the knot all the women get together for a giggle and a gossip and share with the bride the secrets of a long and lasting marriage and to bless her with baraka. (Good luck) These complex decorative symbols are designed to ward of the evil eye. The henna goo can take some time to dry so this party can go on well into the night………..

Of course this art is not peculiar to Morocco you can find it in India and Asia too, but as the story goes this tradition started in North African cultures and spread.

So if your passing through the square with that special someone don’t forget to stop by the henna lady and add some Moroccan baraka to your romance……

Little Henna Hands

~ by marrakechxanthepat on January 23, 2009.

5 Responses to “Romantic Blessings from D’Jemal Fna Marrakech”

  1. How marvelous to live in a country that is so rich in culture – I can only dream.

  2. I’m going to Marrakech in June and am loving your blog. I really can’t wait. I definitely want to get henna done on my hands like you have however I’ve heard that there are two types. One that have chemicals and last longer and the natural one that fades quite quickly. How do I tell which is which? And how much should I expect to pay for them? Thank you!

    • Thanks for visiting my site.
      most of the hotels will also have a henna lady contact who will come and do henna in the comfort of the hotel and you can discuss the prices. In the D’Jemal Fna expect to pay around 30dhs. I don’t think that the colour of the henna is about chemicals, I think its to do with. The women of D’jemal Fna are pretty good or the police wouldn’t let them work there.
      a. how much base henna is used
      b. a chemical reaction with ones skin
      c. how long the henna takes t o dry.
      if you make plans in advance with your hotel I am sure they will be able to help.

  3. Thanks! I’m staying in a riad so I’m not sure something can be arranged but I shall certainly ask. And I wouldn’t mind at all having it done in the D’Jemal Fna. Your one looks so pretty!

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