The Grand Cafe de La Poste, Marrakech

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I ‘ve been away for a few days out of touch and out of Marrakech……….

After a few days in cold cold Paris it was great to come home to my beautiful house and beautiful children and some fabulous Marrakech sunshine.

Paris I here you say, well not only do I have my little fashion boutique here in Marrakech but for many years I have been working in interior design. So of course I couldn’t miss the Paris show “Maison&Object” where I went to check out what will be hot in the shops this autumn.

On My return it was nice to catch up with some friends at the beautiful Grand Cafe de La Poste in the heart of Marrakech.

(Where by the way they serve the best cosmopolitans a girl can find in this town.)

The Grand Cafe de La Poste Marrakech

The Grand Cafe de la poste is the perfect chill out bar with beautiful colonial style decor and ambient music. You can hang out here all day and never realise that you are slap bang in the middle of Gueliz (the new town) with all the hustle and bustle of city life going on around you……

The Grand Cafe de La Poste Marrakech 

This old building has been lovingly restored into this gentile bar and restaurant which has been a  feature on the Marrakech map and a central point in Marrakech history. Firstly built in 1925 during the French protectorate era and used as a postal sorting office and a cafe. Later on the building was owned by the Pasha Glaoui who kept the cafe part but also extended it to a hotel. It now sits directly opposite its rather larger and some what less attractive younger sibling the main post office of Marrakech.

You can come for breakfast, lunch and dinner or take a mint tea on the terrace looking over the street and watch the world  go by, or if you have had a harrowing time with the Moroccan postal service, do like I do and meet up with the girls for quick cocktail or two……..

Cosmopolitan Marrakech

I’m so happy to be home….

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