Marrakech Valentine…………..

Dear Hubby,

I know that you love me all year round but tomorrow is a special day, the jour d’amour, valentines day. So just a gentle reminder because darling, I wouldn’t want you to forget……..  I would like you to pay a little visit to our friend Omars little flower booth, you know at no 5 Marche Central in Gueliz and pick me up some of these……….

Marrakech Red Roses

And after that if you can spare a bit more time, you can pop around the corner to that adorable little chocolate shop, you know the one.  Jeff de Bruges,  because I couldn’t help but notice as I was passing by……..

Jeff de Bruges Marrakech Valentine

 they have the cutest boxes of valentine choclates in all of Marrakech………

Jeff de Bruges Marrakech Valentine

But if you really want to show me you love me, then I would strongly suggest you chose  from one of these………

Jeff de Bruges Marrakech Valentine

 Because after all my love you must never ever forget…….. 

That a happy wife means a happy life……..

Thanks to Jeff de Bruges Marrakech, for letting me photo, you can find them


17, Rue de la libertite-Gueliz-Marrakech-+212 (0) 24 43 02 49



~ by marrakechxanthepat on February 13, 2009.

One Response to “Marrakech Valentine…………..”

  1. hi! i really like your blog and the pictures are very beautiful! what about a link exchange with my travel blog?
    let me know, and have a nice week!

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