KawKab Jeux Marrakech Play Park

The little people in our family were feeling kind of left out. Heroic tales of high speed chases on the go kart circuit by the older boys had left them feeling they too needed some action in their lives……..

So we took  them to the brightly painted playground called KawKab Jeux.

Guaranteed  to put a smile on any little face.

KawKab Jeux Marrakech

Downstairs in the basement  high speed adventures were to be had for any one 6 years and older.  Here you will find a minature circuit with little electric cars and bikes for hire. Not quite as nippy as the big boy Karts from yesterdays post but a good starting place to master your driving skills.

Luckily the policeman is now painted on the wall. He used to be a ply board cut out. A certain little boy I know used to take great pleasure in crashing into him on every visit………..Thank goodness hes grown out of that little party trick.

Meanwhile upstairs the girls were  busy making friends with the newly discovered breeds of animals on the roundabout….

KawKab Jeux Marrakech

Next came a ride on the fabled Marrakech Express……….

KawKab Jeux Marrakech

And just to make double sure the children left feeling completely exhausted we paid them a a whole 5dhs extra for 15minute workout on the trampoline. (Well worth the money if you ask me.)

KawKab Jeux marrakech

Before leaving we couldn’t help but indulge in a quick ice cream. Even though it was as brightly coloured as the playground…..

KawKab Jeux Marrakech

You will find KawKab Jeux in the centre of Gueliz, Marrakech’s new town. Just next to the Royal Tennis Club

1 Rue Iman Chafi, KawKab Centre Harti. Gueliz, Marrakech

+212 (0) 524  43 82 29

or contact


The park costs from 15 to 20dhs for children to enter depending on which attractions are desired. Adults go free.The best age group is 1-9 years old. Try to go around 4pm when the sun isn’t too hot for the little ones and the playground isn’t too crowded. There is also a restaurant with a Kiddie friendly menu.








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