The Palais Bahia Marrakech

The Palais Bahia Marrakech

For a little touch of historic Marrakech you should visit the Palais Bahia. Wander the weather worn tiles. The same tiles walked by the beautiful concubines this palace was built for……….

The Palais Bahia Marrakech

Immerse yourself in ancient Islamic architecture and artistry………….

The Palais Bahia Marrakech

Wood and plasterwork hand carved and painted by the ancient artisans who took 15 years to finish this palace.

The Palais Bahia Marrakech

Watch the sunlight filter through iron grills , that cast mysterious shadows on the dimly lit passage ways

The Palais Bahia Marrakech

that lead from one grand room to another…. 

Palais Bahia Marrakech

and look out on the courtyard gardens…………

The Palais Bahia Marrakech

The Palais Bahia was constructed in around 1880  by the Grand Vizier Ba Ahmed using the best artisans brought from all over Morocco to complete his palace. You will find the Palais Bahia at the Mellah end of Riad Zitoun Jedid and is open all day. It’s best to take a guide, which are usually avaliable between 10am and 1pm, 3pm till sunset. Entrance is 10dhs and guide prices are negotiable.


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