Extreme Paint Ball, Marrakech

Extreme PaintBall Marrakech

So today we paid a visit to  Extreme Pain Ball, oops Paint Ball here in Marrakech. It was a super sunny Sunday afternoon, the kind of day where mummy just wants to stay home and enjoy a book in the shade… but instead spent the afternoon watching  broken heartedly as her boys ran around the Marrakech countryside doing all the things she had, in the past, tried to teach them not do. Her boys on the other  hand seemed to have extreme fun…. dressed like they were headed into some sort of toxic chemical spill…

Extreme Paintball Marrakech

Armed and dangerous……

Extreme Paint ball Marrakech

And ready to do damage with these babies………

Extreme Paint ball Marrakech

Off they set to stalk and prowl their opponents. Squeals of both pain and pleasure were heard as they lived out their commando style fantasies under the shady olive trees in the quiet of the Marrakech countryside.

Extreme Paint ball Marrakech

Extreme Paint Ball is quite away outside of town around 30km just past the little town of Sidi Abdellah Ghiate. It’s good fun if you fancy an afternoon in the countryside and much better in groups so you can have small teams. Great for children over the age of 9. It is though  a pretty basic setup…… a small piece of land fenced off with netting. The shoot out area is scattered with dead palm tree trunks, a few mud walls and bamboo barricades to take cover from the paint pelting. Come prepared as they don’t seem to be equipped with bottled water. After all that running around in the hot sun in the protective gear water will be badly needed. The price of a shoot out is 150dhs for 100 balls and your game lasts as long as your balls do……

Reservations can be made on +212 (0) 678 244 838

Please be prepared for a few ooweys while playing. The protective suits do not cover delicate areas like arms, legs or bottoms……Which can leave you with some extremely painful bruises.




~ by marrakechxanthepat on April 19, 2009.

4 Responses to “Extreme Paint Ball, Marrakech”

  1. Looks like they had fun. The suits are a good idea for keeping your clothes from getting messy, but I’m sure they also made it hotter. Bruises are just part of it, but I imagine they wear them like badges of honor… 🙂

  2. Looks life fun! Looks like they had a pretty cool area to play at, from the pictures above.

  3. They did look like they had fun, I can’t wait until we get our paintball area set up here in my hometown, it’s going to be amazing!

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