Thankyou The Bloggers Guide &

So this weekend we went to visit Essaouria, how we came to go is actually quite an amazing story for all us bloggers. Several months ago while checking my comments box, I had a note from the Bloggers Guide who invited me to join in a Blogging Challenge they were holding in conjunction  This was my first year of blogging and being a bit of a blogging bimbo I was a little surprised by this invitation. So  over I went to visit The Bloggers Guide which is a  great site dedicated to bringing you insider news from many cities all over the world, places to visit, helpful tips, bar and restaurant reviews from people who are on the ground and blogging from and about their cities. To help all you travellers  get to know the best places to visit………it seemed to match exactly what I had been doing on my blog here in Marrakech.


So with the kind help of Clement Wilson  I entered The World Blogging Challenge sponsored by at the Bloggers Guide and competing for Africa, if you look in my sidebar you will see the little link box designed by them to collect my votes.

Eventually with the help of everyone who voted for me amazingly I won my section. You see really that would have been enough for me and my little Marrakech blog, but offered prizes too……We were allowed to chose 3 nights in a hotel in our area.   are a leading company of on line finders of hotel accommodation, with huge choice, great deals and also no cancellation fees, great for all kinds of traveller……..


So with much gratitude I would like to thank all of my voters, Clement, The bloggers Guide and, for making my first year of blogging so worth while.


And heres what we found in Essaouria…………

~ by marrakechxanthepat on April 28, 2009.

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