Lalla Essaydi at the Tindouf Gallery Marrakech.

Lalla Essaydi Les Femmes du Maroc

Lalla Essaydi’s exhibition “Les Femmes du Maroc” is a collection of unique portraits of Moroccan women and can be seen at the prestigious Tindorff Gallery here in Marrakech. Lalla Essaydi was born in Marrakech, lived as a young woman in Saudi Arabia. She studied her art in Paris and Boston and lives now in New York.

Les Femmes du Maroc Lalla Essaydi, Marrakech

Lalla Essaydis photographic portraits capture a truly feminine spirituality, solitude and purity. Her subjects are always dressed in ghost like white (White being the colour worn by Moroccan women whilst in mourning.) she photographs these women in relaxed poses reminiscent of a bye gone era, similar to the 18th century orientalist artists who were fascinated with exposing the veiled women of the Harem. Lalla Essaydis work continues to expose the mystery to the western mind that surrounds the rituals of Muslim women in the present day.

Les Femmes du Maroc Lalla Essaydi, Marrakech

She adds to each portrait a calligraphic message, Poetical statements are written across the photographs in beautiful sepia toned henna, across the faces and bodies of the women, blending into each niche of the background and into every fold of the fabric in their simple garments. Changing her portraits from breathless simplicity to high drama.  Her work like the women she photographs is dressed in many layers.

Les Femmes du Maroc Lalla Essaydi, Marrakech

 Her unusual technique is to photograph, hand write the calligraphy, and re photo, re write, re photo, until perfect.

You will find the Tindouf Gallery at

22, Boulevard Mohamed VI, Marrakech.

+212 (0) 524 430 908

For more information contact

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6 Responses to “Lalla Essaydi at the Tindouf Gallery Marrakech.”

  1. Very few artists move me as Lalla Essaydi does. From the moment I saw her first photograph — at the Istanbul Art Fair some years ago — I knew I had to have her work in my life. LIttle did I know how much a part of my life the artist, too, would become as a friend. She is an extraordinary woman and a supremely talented photographer/artist whose work haunts and tantalizes and inspires.

  2. Merci pour l’article

  3. I’d like to know what are the term for using one of her photographs on the front cover of a poetry book> please advise.

  4. nice set of pics thanks for sharing. check out philippines travel destinations

  5. Hace días que intento entrar a la página web de la gallery pero parece cerrada. Me gustaría poder ver el trabajo de Lalla Essaydi. Saludos desde Madrid.

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