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I have recently decided to make Marrakesh, Morocco my full time place of residence having lived in London for a long time and the South of France for a short time. I have visited Marrakesh many many times in my life and have always admired its beauty and extremes. This Blog is about lifestyle, travel, interiors, food and how to become a true Marrackchi.
I have always had strong links with interior design, My Father worked in Interiors and imported ceramic tiles into the UK from Italy and Spain, furniture and fashion from India, so it was only natural for me to train as a buyer. Firstly I worked in the movies buying costumes for films and theatrical companies. While working with the stylists and helping them out with the occasional fitting when a big star couldn’t make it, they advised me to get an agent and start modelling, which I did and worked as a model for the next 8 years.
As everyone knows this is not a long lasting career move, but hey the money was good and it was a fun way to spend your 20’s. Met my super talented husband, who appears in this blog (but I’m not telling you who) and started travelling the world, on our travels we started to buy things for our house, and this was the start of the next phase of our lives, becoming suppliers of ethnic goods. We rented a big warehouse space in west London and filled it with container loads of goodies and supplied many shops and decorated many clubs and bars and houses in England. So over the past 15 years I have travelled around buying, but I was always drawn back to Morocco especially Marrakech I love the interiors I love the way design is developing here.

We did for a short while try moving to a small town in the south of France between Nice and Monaco called St Jean Cap Ferrat, but it wasn’t for us, it was cool but not enough action going on. so we moved on to Marrakech
My blog is for anyone who is interested in Marrakech, whether its just to see whats going on here but it could also be an interesting guide if you are planning on visiting Marrakech as I am constantly updating all the really cool places to visit as they open.

12 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hi,
    love your blog and hope you the best.
    where can I buy some of ZamZams products?

  2. Hey,I’ve found you!!!Nice to read your blog,of course I’ll be coming back to check it out and to hear some of your news.I’m trying to make a few thinks work here on my way to settling(looking for an apartment as beggining)…Hear you soon!

  3. This is a very nice “About Me” page. Even though I’ve known you here in Marrakesh, I didn’t know a lot of these things about you. thank you for sharing.

    Madame Monet

  4. Wow that’s a great blog. Thanks for blogging about Marrakech..
    You brought a lot of memories with all of this.

    The blogger next door 😉

  5. Love your blog that I just discovered your post on Al Fassia since I researching it based on recommendations from friends. I’m a shopper and I can already see I will be following in your footsteps. We are major foodies too. Any suggestions are welcome. We have 4 nights in Marrakech @ maison mk

  6. I am so envious of you living in such a wonderful place! Brilliant blog, colourful and fascinating.

  7. Hi,
    Just a short note to let you know that besides our travelguide about Marocco, wich we have written with the help of some bloggers, we have launched our website http://www.seriousguide.fr.

    With seriousguide.fr, you can share stories about travelling and you can also meet people who – like you – are interested in discovering different cultures while travellling.
    Just come and have a look !

  8. bonjour,
    Très atractif blog; à la fois riche et accrochant . Bravo

  9. Hi there
    Thanks for creating such a wonderful site and information, which I have been enjoying for some time. I too love Morocco and its exceptional culture, and have my own site which helps people find riad and hotel accommodation there. Was wondering if I might link to your site as my users will really benefit from visiting yours. I won’t do anything yet without your permission so please do get in contact
    Kind regards

  10. Good evening,
    first of all, congratulations, your blog is so nice and helpfull to know better the awesome Marrakech!
    my name is Elisabet, I’m a fashion designer from Barcelona, Spain. I’ve a little brand of women accessories.
    On tuesday(after tomorrow) me and my companion Elsa we arrive at Marrakech to find some craftsmen to work with us and to produce us some of our designs of bags and necklaces.
    It’s the third time in Marrakech and we have a couple of friends who have a beautiful hammam in Medina.
    But we need some help to find those craftmen, serious people who compromise with us to work toghether, and we have 3 days(until friday) to find them.

    Could you help us? Do you know someone who could do it? Please if you have any contact, direction or you know someone who could know, please We’ll be so grateful!

    Thanks so much!
    best regards,

  11. To whom it may concern,

    My name is Nick, and I am Web Editor at Hg2.com – a luxury publishing company based in London.

    We would like to pitch an idea to you, but to do so we will need a direct email address. If you could drop me a mail at nickc@hg2.com, that would be great.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    Nick Clarke

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