What to do With the Children in Agadir…..

So we drove away from the hail and rain that Marrakech had to offer this weekend, and headed down to Agadir. Busy as always hubby was off to design and decorate with some dear friends of ours.

Some say that Agadir isn’t like the rest of Morocco, its devoid of Moroccan culture, to modern and superficial but maybe they don’t realise, that poor, poor Agadir suffered a terrible tragedy on the 29th of Febuary 1960 the city was destroyed by a freak earthquake, killing thousands of the cities inhabitants and therefore denying us from viewing its historic past.

My children have fallen in love with this city by the sea. They don’t realise that Essaouira is more hip and trendy, we have tried them there before, but they just hate the wind that blows the sand in their eyes. We have tried to explain about the culture thing but they just look at us with blank expressions and tell us they have lived in the Medina already………(I’m becoming afraid that they may have historic & cultural overload.) I think it’s the glamour of 5star hotel life that they crave, getting dressed for breakfast, finding other English speakers. (My children are often amazed when they over hear English being spoken by strangers in Marrakech) Hanging by the pool, hanging at the kids club, having lunch with their new found friends, getting dressed up for dinner and drifting of to sleep in those big hotel beds……I suppose for lots of us it’s a dream come true.

Valley of the  Birds Agadir

There are also lots of things to do with the children dotted around the city. One of the places you will find is a beautiful little garden called The Valley of Birds right in the centre of town. Here you can skip along the shaded paths and discover a menagerie of African and European birds all hanging around the pond (slightly like the pools of the hotels in Agadir) there are a few monkeys that I suppose used to live in the nearby mountains and lamas who share with the wallaby’s. The Valley of Birds is open all year round from 11am to 7pm, and is free to enter, there’s also a really good children’s playground with jungle gyms and swings, all set amongst the exotic looking foliage that southern Morocco has to offer………

The Valley of Birds Agadir

After you’ve finished at the bird gardens (if you time it right) parked outside you will find the Petit Train, you can hop on board and take a whistle stop tour of Agadir, it will take about 35minutes and the cost of the Petit Train is 18dhs for an adult and 12dhs for a child.

Petit Train Agadir

While we were at the valley of Birds we stopped off to see the candy man where we treated ourselves to some bubbles much fun was had as we we sped around Agadir on the Petit Train leaving a trail of bubbles behind us…..


~ by marrakechxanthepat on March 3, 2009.

7 Responses to “What to do With the Children in Agadir…..”

  1. thanks for the artical about Agadir , my lovely city that i miss so much , i dream when to go back to swim in the wonderfull sea and have a walk on the golden sand at the beach ohh memories memories 🙂

  2. I spent summers as a kid hanging in agadir … it really hasnt changed much. My parents are from marrakech but we live, and I was born in new york. Agadir had a bit more of a local scene than it does now, but I too loved the pools and the other kids not to mention the fact that there was no cultural overload.

  3. my partner & i are tossing up between spending 7 days in Essaouira or agadir. it is our 1st time in morocco. we are doing a side trip with intrepid that ends in marrakesh. we would like to be on a nice beach preferably not too touristy. around 8-15 aug. any suggestions. is it always windy in essa…and can we swim in the waters? any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Dear Rita
      I find Essa to be too windy, and the sea is very cold there too. Actually I spent sometime last year in Agadir in August and it was really lovely. If you look on a map, Agadir is actually in a a large bay which I think protects it from those Atlantic winds and I also found the water much, much warmer. The only problem with Agadir in August is that the main beach can be very crowded. We spent time about 30km north of Agadir here you will find lots of lovely little sandy bays which were not as crowded as the main beach. We also headed south of the city and here we found many long and very isolated beaches where we hardly saw a soul. If you want privacy then its a good Idea to maybe rent a little car and head away from the main beach. Many of the big hotels have parts of the main beach sectioned off for the use of their guests, but it still feels very crowded. ( but Essa will be the same).
      Essa is a delightful little town it has so much more atmosphere than Agadir.Much closer to Marrakech, but has no airport so you need to drive for a couple of hours from Marrakech to get there. The wind is not always around, from my own experience around 70% of the time ( when it comes it makes hanging on the beach hard work). If it is windy then you can make use of the sports facilieties like kite surfing and wind surfing and of course you have the cute little Medina to explore. Agadir itself is far bigger and a more modern and commercial city, with less history because of the earthquake that destroyed the old town. Its more of a resort type place, Agadir has been rebuilt specifically for tourisum so It doesnt quite have that Medina vibe that Marrakech and Essa both have. So if your looking for a Moroccan Medina experience I would go for Essa, but if you are looking for a beach holiday then I would go for Agadir.
      Please dont hesitate to drop me a line if you need anything else.
      Have a great trip


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